What got me started…

I’ve been passionate about Natural Childbirth since I started trying to conceive my first child, which took us over 3 years! I knew that media portrays childbirth as a panic driven fear filled painful event and that was far from what it could be. I knew my Mother’s experience had been a far cry from what I have seen in media as well. My Mom had a 4 hour labor with me and 5 hours with my brother. With my birth she wasn’t sure if she should even head to the hospital because she wasn’t in discomfort except for the fact that her water had broke. By the time they went in she was 8cms already and still barely feeling contractions! Hearing such a positive birth story growing up really shaped my view on labor. My Mom just stated that she just went with it and wasn’t afraid of what was happening.

When I was pregnant with our daughter I was determined to have a natural birth as well. I studied fiercely about natural childbirth and decided that it was my calling and I started my training to become a Birth Doula. I took my training class when I was 34 weeks pregnant and it was the best thing I could have done for myself while pregnant! I was able to learn so much more in those 3 days than any other birthing class could have taught me. My husband and I also took HypnoBirthing, The Mongan Method to prepare for our daughter’s arrival, which was also worth every single penny and I still use it to this day in normal every day situations.

My daughter’s birth ended up being a very empowering experience for me. My labor started at home with my water breaking at 9:15 PM, on the toilet even, with just a trickle. Immediately my surges (contractions) were coming 3 minutes apart and about 45-60 seconds long but they weren’t too intense. After 15 minutes I mentioned something to my husband and we decided to call the birthing center at the hospital we were delivering at. Even though my labor had just started they decided to have us come in since my water had broke and my contractions were so close. We called our Doula to have her meet us there and off we went. Once we were there, after a painful 20 minute car ride, we headed up and were checked out. I wanted to be checked because we also had a birth photographer who I wanted to update so she didn’t have to hang out with us if it was going to be a long night.

I was only 2 cms. Here is where my TRUST BIRTH mentality came in. My midwife and I had discussed the fact that I had a previous LEEP procedure done in the past. Because of that I had scar tissue present. She mentioned that it might take a while for my cervix to break through that tissue but once it did that things should go fast. I trusted my other signs of labor that things were going to be going quicker than everyone else thought and demanded to get in the big tub in the bathroom of my room, against the midwife on call and my Doula’s recommendation. I knew I needed that relief. I was in there for about 1.5 hours going from hands and knees during the surges to relaxing on my back between, with the surges staying at 2-3 minutes apart. Suddenly I couldn’t handle it anymore and I had to get out of the tub.

This is when I did hit my wall and started telling my husband I couldn’t do it, classic transition. The nurse heard me and asked to check me and surprise, I was complete! Just under 2 hours from when they first checked me. Now our original plan was to have a waterbirth but since they didn’t expect me to go so fast the actual waterbirth tub wasn’t filled up and ready to go. So instead I ended up birthing in the bed. Although I knew my back wasn’t the best position I ended up in a semi-reclined position so that I could push my upper back against the bed during my surges. 24 minutes after being checked and discovering that I was complete my daughter was born at 1:24 AM. Just over a 4 hour labor! Other than about 20 minutes from getting out of the tub to when I was able to start to breath her down (instead of pushing) I didn’t have pain. I was able to go within myself for all the surges and I had an amazing birth experience!